30 January 2016

Never Again...

Well as I said before, I was going to try new things. I certainly did last weekend, unfortunately for my dog.

I found out she had a broken dew claw on her front paw, as it was tender to touch, and I was not sure what to do. Therefore, I asked for my friend opinion who is a vet nurse. She said I needed to cut it, where the breakage is. It will hurt but be better in the long run.

It took me a while to get the courage to do it, as I don't like to cause my dog pain, unless I had to. I knew it would be better if I did it, as if she caught it on a walk and it ripped off, it would hurt a lot more.

Therefore, I got her comfortable, and quickly cut it off. She gave a little yelp, and there was quite a lot of blood, as it went through the quick. Managed to plug it with cornflour and cover her paw with a bandage for a few days.

This is was one of the worst thing I had to do to her. I would never do it again, and will probably take her to the vet next time. I don't think I could bring myself to hurt her again like that. As for the few days after she just kept giving me puppy dog eyes, as if to say what did you do to me.

That is one new thing I have done this year, and will not be repeating again.


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