25 January 2016

Am I the only one?

This may be an odd thing to write, however, I just wondered if I am the only one. 

When I am on my way home, just before I get to my house. There are a couple of bends.

Now on the second bend there are cars parked on the side, so you have to go out to the middle to past them.

When I go out to middle to carry on, there are cats eyes in the middle of the road. Now I try and do this thing where you have to try and miss them going out to the middle, to going back to the correct side of the road.

I know this is a random thing and is normally only when I'm nearly home, when I need to go to the middle is when I do it.

However, it is like a competition to myself to see if I can miss them both ways. I have recently found out that both my mum and I do it, and wondering if we are the only weridos out there! :)! 

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