30 March 2016

In the Garden, Birds

Years ago we used to have lots of bird feeders around in our garden, however we stopped as we didn't get much interest from the birds, and we had cats. However, recently I have brought some new feeders and placed them up, to encourage more bird life back into our garden, since we do not have any cats at the moment. Since putting up a few birds feeders, we instantly got lots different species of birds visiting our garden.

8 March 2016

Wildlife Pond, Park Four

This is the last part of my pond post, where I will mention what plants I plan to get when they come in season.

There are many different plants out there, and it can be hard to choose which ones, so hopefully, this helps a little to understand what you may need. 

2 March 2016

Wildlife Pond, Part Three

In the post I will be mentioning what and how I lined my pond. What products I used, and the finished look before adding my plants. 

Before putting down any pond liner, ensure that you carefully remove any stones, or sharp objects that may penetrate the liner.