20 January 2016

I'm Back

Sorry it has been a while, had a whirlwind couple of months. Just after I starting my first blog I decided to go back and start a new university course. Unfortunately it did not work out for me, due to different reasons. However, at the time it was quite stressful and I didn't know what I was doing for a while. Then as you all know with Christmas happening, and everything getting busier, I completely forgot to re-start my blog, and get back into it. 

Therefore, I am going to start again. I have never been the one for writing diaries or even thinking of writing a blog. However, its always good to try new things. I have read different blogs, and found them all interesting and thought I would try it out.

Hopefully, I will start writing at least once a week, about all different things. I will be doing a few food post, as this year I am trying to eat healthier. I am not starting a new year resolution, as you never stick to them. However, this year I want to eat healthier and exercise and start getting my life in order, with things I want to achieve. 

This year is all about trying new things, and push myself out my comfort zone to get what I want. As you cannot sit at home all day hoping things will happen for you out the blue. I want to learn new things, cook/bake more, change my job direction, and enjoy the little things in life. 

Hopefully I will be able to document all of this, so I can then look back one day and see how far I have come to who and what I want to be and to achieve in my life!

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