12 July 2015

Shabby Chic Painting!

I got this dressing table and stool a while back, and wasn't sure what to do with it. But I have finished the stool. Here is a before picture:
I have never painted or upholstered, so I thought I would give it ago. As I like they way you can change something looking a bit old and in need of some TLC, into something new and beautiful.
I am quite liking the colour grey at the moment, so I thought I would go for a grey colour. I had a good look and found one I like. It was from B & Q’s, it was a Dulux paint called Monument Grey.
Then I wanted to change the fabric on top, as it looked a little grubby, and didn’t match the grey. I was lucky as a friends mum had a small selection of fabric, and I manage to find one I like. Which was a nice floral pattern. I thought perfect, as some of my bedding is floral, and would go perfect at together. So I got out my staple gun, and stapled away until finished.
I then used some clear furniture wax  to finish it off. Here is the finished product, so pleased. =)
IMG_4898                    IMG_4897
Dressing table will be up shortly when it is finished, which shouldn't be long.

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