15 July 2015

My dog!

I love my dog, so she deserves to be on my blog.

Now I am a total animal lover, and dogs are one of my main favourite animals.

People that don't like dogs, will never understand the love that a dog owner and a dog has. To me my dog is like my child, she can act like one, but thankfully can't speak! I do love her, and she is like a best friend to me.

Dogs never judge you, whether you are angry, sad, annoying, or happy. They will always love you.They have also taught us how to love, and be happy!

I believe they are one of the best pets you can have, amongst others.

My dog is one of the best dogs I have had, we had an instant connection, and loved each other from the beginning. She is a Sprocker, which is a cross-breed, between an English Springer and a Cocker Spaniel. So I basically have the best of both worlds.

I was very lucky with her as she is a quiet spaniel, considering. She does have her barking moments, as all dogs do, and her mental excited moments. But she is not crazy like some spaniels. However, like most spaniels she is obsessed with her balls. She just LOVES the game fetch... too much.

However, tonight she was reunited with her favourite toy called, skanky cat. It has been in a cupboard in the garage, completely forgotten about, and tonight we found it and she loved it. Now it is called skanky cat, because it is a white fluffy cat, which stinks and not so white now, but she loves it!

In the video above, I just caught the end of her playing, but that is skanky cat, and in the picture her love for her ball, as she has to play with it, with her other toys.

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