12 July 2015

Lush Products

Hi there,
For some reason, I have never been to Lush or got any of their products. I know crazy right. So I thought it was due time, and I had a little nose on their website, as I have heard good reviews on their products. So I thought it was about time I purchased  a couple of products.
Bubblegum Lip Scrub
My first product I got was, Bubblegum Lip Scrub (25 g). Now I got this, as I needed something to help exfoliate my lips. I do always use a lip balm, but I needed something to be able to help get rid of dead skin cells, and make my lips silky smooth. Therefore, I thought I would give the product a whirl. I have on used this twice, and after using it, it does feel a lot softer. Also you don’t need to use a lot of product, which I believe this will last me a long time.
Handy Gurugu Hand Cream
The next product I got was the Handy Gurugu Hand Cream (100 g). Now I have always had very dry hands, and I was struggle finding the correct hand cream. So this popped up on a blog I was reading, and thought I would give it go. I thought this product would be a good hand cream by the bed, to use it as an overnight hand cream. I used it last night, and this morning my hands do not feel as dry as normal, which I was happy about. However, you only need a small amount of this product as too much will make your hands feel greasy.
Tea Tree Water Toner Water
The third product I brought was, Tea Tree Water Toner Water (250 g). I haven’t used this product yet, so I shall update on a later date. However, I do like the smell of it, which is a tea tree smell (which I love), and you can either spray it on or spray on a cotton pad.
Mask of Magnaminty
Fourth product is, Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask (315 g). I am always looking out for new face masks. I have quite an oily T-zone, with a few blackhead, and the odd spot. So I am always looking for anything that can help get rid of my blackheads and reduce my pore size. I have only put a bit on last night just to try and love it. I won’t know if it works until a later date, but it does feel nice on your skin. It has a very cooling feel after putting it on, and it feels like it is working, so time shall tell.
Buffy Body Butter
I then brought the Buffy Body Butter (200 g), I haven’t tired this yet but I will do later. It is meant to be an exfoliating and moisturising body wash. Which I felt I would give it a go, as I have quite dry legs, and would like to see if this help get rid of dead skin, and to make them more silky smooth.
Dreamtime Bath Melt
Last product I got was, Dreamtime Bath Melt (30 g). I am normally a shower girl, but I do have the odd bath, for relaxation. So I thought I was treat myself to a bath melt. So I cannot wait to have a bath and try this product. The only thing about these types of naked products, as they are called. Do not have packaging, which I like. But it did make my bath melt, melt and got stuck to the eco-flo chips which comes in the box, as you can see in the picture.
Now I have been, this will not be the last time I shop here, looking forward to my next load of products. =)

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