28 April 2016

DIY Pencil Holder

Recently my dad has got himself a new greenhouse, which I helped to build it. At the moment its looks fairly bare, as we haven't been able to plant much yet, as it has only been up for a couple of weeks. 

I thought I would do some bits and bob to add to it. I thought I would start with something simple, like a pencil pot, to keep all his pens, pencils, ruler etc, neatly inside.

I didn't want to just buy one, I thought it would be a nice touch to make one, as I had some bits lying around. 

Firstly you'll need:

Tin can, sterilized (try and get one without a sharp top, I used a hot-dog tin for mine) 
Ribbon (I used two different types)
Glue gun
Old newpaper

Make sure the tin is all cleaned out well and dry ready for use.

Lay out some old newspaper, so you don't get glue on the working surface.

Ensure the glue gun on, and wait for it to heat up.

Make sure you have chosen the ribbon you wanted, and get them ready, in order you want to start first. 

Once the gun has heated  up, squeeze some glue on to the tin where you want the first line of the ribbon to start. The place the end of the ribbon in place, to secure it.

Then place the glue in steps around the tin, where you want the ribbon to go and gently put the ribbon in place until you get where you first started.

Then cut off the excess ribbon.

Once the first line above is done, then carry out each step with the rest of the ribbon until you get to the top of your tin. 

I had two different types of ribbons, in which I placed one after the other, as that was the pattern I was going for.

You can do just one, or more ribbons, its completely up to you, but I only had two types of ribbon on me, so this is the pattern I went for.

Once I reach to the top, I ensured everything was stuck down, and got the look above.

You can leave it like this, But I want to try and cover up the ends of the ribbon I had cut. Therefore, I had some ribbon left over which I used to cover the ends up.

Therefore, I placed a bit of glue underneath the bottom of the tin to secure the bottom of the ribbon. 

I then put glue all the way up on the side, followed by the ribbon. to try and cover up some of the ends. 

Once I got to the top I cut the excess off, but leaving it a little bit longer then the tin, to which I then glued into the inside of the tin.

I did this three times to make a pattern, and to cover up most of the ends, to make it look neater.

That is the finished project, it didn't take too long to do, and cost me nothing, as I had everything at home.

Here is its place in the greenhouse, which is looking rather bare still, but will start growing some plants soon.

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