19 June 2016

Wildlife Pond Update!!

Sorry guys it has been a while since I have last posted, but been a little busy. But I am back and I thought I would do a little update on my wildlife area, and show you guys what I have done so far. 

Baring in mind all these photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, so it has changed a bit, but I will do another update, as everything starts to grow more. 

I haven't completely finished it yet. I still need to work on it a bit more, but it is definitely getting there.

First up, I decided to place a fence up to the wildlife area. This is stop my dog from getting in there, and wanting to jump in. I got the gate and fence at my local B and Q, and put it in myself, with help from the family.

I have just recently placed log roll under the fence to stop the stones from coming out, and to neaten it up a little. 

Here you can see I have placed stones on the floor as you go in. I did start off by placing slabs down there, as we had a few left over. However, as there were bits and bobs it didn't look right, therefore, I placed gravel stones down. Which I think makes it look lovely.

Around the edge of the stones, I have placed two logs roll down to break it up a little bit and give it a bit more of an edge. You cannot see very well in this picture, but to the left side I have left a gap, for any animals to get through, for examples hedgehogs. 

This wasn't in my plan to have this water feature, but I think it fits in well here.

I got this, as the pond does not have a fountain in, and I like to listen to the running water, as I find it very calming. 

Here below you can see the gap I left in the log roll, a nice little size.

This part needs some work on as there are few weeds in which need removing, and around the edge of the log roll on the weed side, I need to place my larger stones there to fill it up.

As you can see I have a little log pile, in the top left which I will add to, as and when I can to build it up, for all the little insects we don't see often see, but need our help.

Below the log pile I have a little bog garden. I did this by digging a hole, and placing left over pond liner down and then placing the soil back on top. I put the stones around it for now, so I know how big it is. I currently only have two plants in there, which are the marsh marigold and the greater pond sedge. 

In the middle/right side area, I have recently planted a few packets of wild flowers, for birds, bees, and butterflies. I will update on how they go, once they start growing.

Inside the pond I have got a few plants, a couple you cannot see, as they are still sunken at the bottom, but should hopefully rise. The ones you cannot see are, hornwort and water crowfoot. The plant near the top right where the stone is, is the water mint. The plant floating in the middle is starwort. Then the one on the left is the water forget me not. However, I have recently brought a hair grass as well, although the birds seem to like it, so it isn't looking its best at the moment.

These next couple of pictures, show my lovely tadpoles. I was quite surprise to find frogsprawn and tadpoles, as I thought I left it too late. However, my brother found a frog in the garden and caught it, and then placed it in the pond. Therefore, I'm assuming that the frog he placed in was ready to produce the frog spawn, which I am so happy about. 

I will try and update on these, although it can be quite hard as they aren't close to the surface all the time, but I will try.

Hope you enjoyed this little update, it is slowly getting there. Still got some bits to do but the main thing was to attracted wildlife, which I have certainly done that.

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