11 February 2017

| *Advent Calender* |

This is a little late, but something for you to try next Christmas.
Christmas 2016, I decided to buy and decorate an advent calendar. It took me longer than expected, but it was fun to do, and looks nice and christmasy.

Everything I used apart from the stars I got from hobbycraft, which if you are a student I believe you can get 10% off which is a bonus. I used hobbycraft as I have one near me and it had pretty much everything I wanted in that one shop, which is great.

You can decoration this however you wish, you could just use paint or you could decoupage it for example, or you can add different things/objects to it. Just use your imagination. However, if your like me, and need some inspiration or ideas, here is how I decorated mine:

What you need:
  • Advent Calendar, Tree
  • Mod pod Glue
  • White/Green/Red Acrylic Paint
  • Gold/Green/Red/Silver Glitter
  • Advent Toppers (numbers in green/red)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Something to put the paint/glue on to
  • Water
  • Newspaper

First you need to cover the surface with old newspapers, before starting anything.

Firstly you need to pull out all the drawers, and put them aside and start to paint the whole thing green. To make it look like a green Christmas Tree.


While that is drying, you can start to paint the drawers all over with the colours of green/red and white and then paint all draw-knobs white.  


Once the drawers are dried, you need to tape around the sides with normal sellotape to create a square in the middle. Then using a clean paint brush, spread the glue in the middle, and sprinkled the glitter over top. I personally did a couple of layers like this to ensure the whole area was glittered well. Then with the glue, glue over top to set the glitter to prevent fall out and keep it in place. 



Then leave them to dry, before taking the sellotape off and it should look like this; 

However, after doing this I realized it would of been easier to do the glitter first, and then paint the drawers, but I am happy with how it turn out.

Next with the same green, red and white paint, you can paint random patterns around the edges. For mine, I used a top of different paint brushes and tooth pick to do the dots, with also doing freehand with the lines. I do wish some of these were neater and had used a straight edge for the lines, but I like how it turn out, once it went all back together.

After painting go over with the glue, to make it look glossier, and to prevent chipping. However, be careful using the glue near the edge, as if it goes around the edges it may stick when pulling the draws in and out.

Next I got a packet of numbers, which were already green and red, but the colours weren't bright enough. Therefore, I painted over them a couple of times to get it brighter, the painted them with glue to give the a gloss finish. But its up to you, if you want to leave them same or could even add some glitter or patterns if wanted. 

Then place the drawers in the order you want them, and then place the numbers on top, in the order you want, for them to be ready to be glued on.

Then using a hot glue gun, glue all the numbers onto the middle of the drawers.

If using the packet of stars, chose what sizes you want and which ones you would like silver and gold. Then brush the stars with the glue and sprinkle the glitter over, waiting for it to dry before doing a second coat and brushing the glue on top to set the glitter. Once dried, using the glue gun, glue them into place, and done. 

It is a nice simple design, and I can add more bits to it next Christmas if wanted, but it is just something nice to have and put your own treats into, to share.

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