1 August 2015

Loaning :)

I have recently starting loaning my first horse. I have been wanting to for a while now, and have finally found one in my area.

I sort of loan two at the moment, at the same place. One is called Archie (who I mainly loan), and the other Tom.

Archie is a lovely piebald cob. He is very sweet and has a lovely nature. He was difficult to get going to begin with, as he wasn't worked over the winter. However, now he is back into work, he has very much improved, and has become a lovely horse to ride, with a lovely canter to sit to.

Tom, is a bay, and an ex-race horse, He is also lovely to ride. Can be sluggish in the school to begin with, but once he gets going he has lovely strides, and transitions.

It is so nice to be able to loan, as you can ride more and look after them. I still ride at a riding school, but it is nice to not have that teaching environment, and to learn things on your own.

But it has been so fun, and I am glad I have finally found one to ride, up the road! =)!

 This is Tom, on my lovely hack today.

 And this is Archie on the orchard.    

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